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Hi I’m Julie Ashworth, a mother from Wirral, Merseyside and founder of Mummys Magic™. Thank you for visting our page!

As a qualified beauty therapist and aromatherapist, I have always loved skin products and have tried everything available! I studied beauty therapy with my sister, Kathy, who has very sensitive skin. We knew when we tried new products if they were laden with chemicals or weren’t good for us by how her skin reacted. This is how my love of the natural route for skin care was born!

The story of Mummys Magic™ began in 1998, when my partner and I were blessed with a beautiful daughter. At around 5 months old, she suffered a severe rash and eczema in the nappy area and on her legs. I could not touch it without her crying in pain. I could not find a single product on the market that was able to heal or even soothe her ultra sensitive skin, let alone the other qualities we look for in a good baby product. Shop bought remedies made matters worse and no prescription medication worked for her either. As a qualified aromatherapist, I decided to take action and make my own treatment; a natural product without any harmful substances.


I took to the kitchen and mixed up my favourite oils, a few old wives tales, lovely Shea, Rosewater and Aloe; I also made it a spray so I did not need to touch the sore area and hey presto – It worked! Within a short time the eczema had cleared up and the rash was gone, the whole area was back to baby smooth skin with just a few applications and it even smelt good!

People began to hear about the results and I was asked to make batches for family and friends, I did so for nearly 20 years without a single allergy or bad reaction! It soothed so many skin conditions, even sunburn and nettle sting. My daughter used to call it ‘Mummy’s Magic spray’ and the name just stuck! I made it less and less as my daughter got older.


Then in 2010, our surprise little addition (believe me at 44 she really was) got me making batches of Mummys Magic up again, demand off family and friends started again too! Today I am on a mission to help other mummy’s like me protect their baby‘s bum, in a simple, easy to use and safe natural spray and share this gift of nature with you and your baby; because “mummy makes it better!”

Click here to order your brand new bottle of natural goodness and keep harmful chemicals away from your baby’s bum today for just £13.99!

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